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Previaje is a mechanism implemented by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation to promote national tourism, through an incentive program for the traveling customer.

Accordingly, Kaitek Viajes, after the registration and presentation of the formal documents for the accreditation, is an AUTHORIZED PROVIDER, reason why, for each purchase of services that you make with us, you will have access to discounts and reimbursement of the amounts of the program.

In addition, we offer you full advice for the refund of 50% of the amount paid (Pre-Trip Program).

1. After the purchase, you must enter the site previaje.gob.ar and upload the invoice and other data requested.
2. You will receive the credit in your BNA wallet and have the option to receive the physical preloaded card if you wish.
3. After a few days, you will be able to see the credit in the e-wallet. If you choose to receive the preloaded card, you will receive it before the month of your trip.
4. From the month of the trip on you can use the $ 75,000 in the chosen destination. If you do not use it in that destination, you can use it for other expenses in any business of the Argentine Republic as long as it is included in the tourism chain and associated with “Tourism” and internal consumption.

In addition to being able to access the benefits of Previaje with your purchases through any Kaitek Viajes sales channel, we also accept QR or credit card you have from Previaje for the payment of any excursion or service, regardless of whether you have purchased the rest of the services from us or not.