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Terms and Conditions

MERIDION TRAVEL COMPANY S.A.S. – File No. 17.508 – VAT Status: Person Responsible for VAT – No.: 17.508 – VAT Status: Person Responsible for VAT – No.: 17.508. Tax Identification Number (CUIT) 30-71627741-7

Currency of Payment

Our prices are in Argentine pesos. In dollars, euros or reais, these prices vary according to the exchange rate that your credit card may apply at the time of payment. For its application, the selling exchange rate of www.bna.com.ar is used.

Waiver of liability

To avoid doubts, please verify that in your browser our prices are shown in Argentine pesos, which is the default currency shown in this site and in which our services will be charged.

3. Prices Include

  • Transportation as specified in each itinerary.
  • Lodging in the hotels mentioned in the itineraries or other similar ones, in case of force majeure, for which the condition of the same category reserved will be respected in the latter case.
  • Meals as indicated in each opportunity.
  • Visits and excursions as mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, when indicated.

4. Documentation and Specific Requirements

For trips abroad it is necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case. The documentation and visas are of a strictly personal nature, being therefore the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the documents and visas in perfect condition and in force, since he/she has been reliably informed in advance about the requirements of the immigration, customs and sanitary authorities of the destinations included in the tour. The organizer will not be responsible for any inconvenience suffered by passengers who lack proper documentation. In the event that a passenger is unable to travel for these reasons, he/she will lose the total amount of the contracted services without the right to any claim whatsoever. Passengers will be responsible for compliance with the provisions of mandatory vaccinations to be applied for those countries that so require.

5. Limitations on the Right to Remain

Meridion Travel Company S.A.S. reserves the right to make any passenger leave the tour at any point of the tour whose conduct, behavior, state of health or other serious reasons in the opinion of the company may cause danger or inconvenience to other travelers or may spoil the success of the excursion or the normal development of the same. In this case the passenger will be entitled to reimbursement of the unused days of the tour, without any other compensation of any nature and at the passenger’s expense for any cancellation fees incurred.

6. Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellations with a limit of 7 days before the service is rendered, Meridion Travel Company S.A.S. will reimburse 100% of the amount paid in Argentine pesos to the client.
Any user who wishes to contract our services must accept that:
If you cancel between 3 and 6 days prior to the date of the first contracted service, you will receive a 50% refund of the amount paid in Argentine pesos. The cancellation fee is 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
If you cancel within 2 calendar days prior to the date of the first service contracted, no refund will be made: in this case the cancellation fee is 100% of the amount paid in Argentine pesos.
Exceptions to this policy are cancellations or rescheduling of passengers’ flights to Ushuaia, which prevents them from enjoying the contracted services. In this case, you must inform us of the PNR or LOC code of your flight reservation so that we can verify the flight reservation history. After verifying the cancellation or rescheduling of your flight, you will receive a 100% refund.
Please note that the currency of the transaction is Argentine pesos, and its value may be subject to taxes, duties, foreign transactions, currency exchange or other fees. Your bank or credit or debit card company may convert the payment into our local currency and charge fees, which may create differences between the amount shown on the charge we will make to your credit card and the final amount your credit card will charge. Please contact your bank or card company if you have any questions about any applicable conversion or fee.

7. Weather conditions and excursions

Since the climate here makes the weather very changeable from one moment to the next, we do not cancel our excursions due to rain or anything that the passenger might judge as “bad weather”.
Excursions that include kayaking, or navigations in the Beagle Channel are tours that depend largely on wind conditions. If for those in charge of these excursions the forecast wind strength is considered too strong for the planned tours to be as pleasant or safe as they should be, such tours could be modified or even cancelled, while only in the case of these excursions (kayaking and sailing) the cancellation of the itinerary will entitle to receive a 100% refund of what has been paid in Argentine pesos.

8. Security policies

On all tours where there is exposure to the weather, or off-route travel, there are sections that the guides may modify or cancel if deemed necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the passengers. These modifications are very unusual and do not generate rights to claims or refunds.
In all circumstances, all passengers must follow the instructions of the guides.
All tours offered on this site are supervised by Meridion Travel Company S.A.S., and local authorities and comply with all legal and safety requirements.

9. Age restrictions

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Regular excursions accept children under 5 years of age. In the case of kayaking offered in the company’s excursions, or trekking of any kind of difficulty, these activities are not permitted for children under 5 years of age. We offer private (tailor-made) services for families with young children.

10. General Requirements

To travel to any foreign country as a tourist it is necessary to have a return ticket to Argentina and the maximum stay in the destination cannot exceed 90 days (there are exceptions, consult with the corresponding Consulate). Other non-formal requirements (e.g. sufficient funds to support your stay, accommodation address, etc.) may also be requested and should be consulted with the corresponding Consulate.

11. Arbitration Clause

Any matter arising out of the execution, performance, breach, extension or termination of this contract may be submitted by the parties to the Arbitration Court of the Argentine Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies and/or the Arbitration Courts operating in their Regions. In the event of submission to such jurisdiction, the contracting parties accept and agree to be bound by all the conditions set forth in the Rules of the Arbitral Tribunal.

12. Rules of Application

This contract and, if applicable, the rendering of services shall be governed exclusively by these general conditions, by Law No. 18,829 and its regulations and by the Brussels Convention approved by Law No. 19,918. This is without prejudice to the provisions regarding liability for transportation accidents. The present general conditions together with the other documentation provided to the passengers shall constitute the Travel Contract established by the aforementioned Convention.

13. Jurisdiction and Competence

Any matter arising out of the execution, performance, breach, extension or termination of this agreement shall be submitted by the parties to the Ordinary Courts of the Commercial Court of the Federal Capital.
By accepting the General Terms and Conditions I acknowledge and accept the above.