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Ancestral Tour in 4x4 to Lake Yehuín


An ideal circuit for lovers of adventure, history, and nature. We will live a mixed experience of good times, adventure and emotion, where you will also learn the history of one of the local native peoples, such as the Selk'nam of Lake Yehuín, among whom the famous "Shamans" stood out.
Lake Yehuin is of glacial origin and is crescent-shaped, in addition to being parallel to Lake Chepelmut. It contains some islands in its interior and several fjords. It empties into Lake Fagnano through a smaller river, a tributary of the Claro River, which empties into the Fagnano, so the Yehuin belongs to the Pacific Ocean basin.
On its shores is the Shenolsh hill, from which views of the surrounding landscape are obtained, along with a small rural population, to the north of the lake.
Once the journey has begun, we will immediately realize that we are passing through the typical Patagonian steppe, with flat relief, low and round hills devoid of vegetation. Along Provincial Route 18 we will contemplate low forests typical of the area called "Ecotone", as well as the incredible beauty of the Fuegian ranches that appear on both sides.
You will also be surprised with our complete country snack cooked over lenga embers, an exciting walk to the "Sendero de la Ruca", a hut belonging to the ancestors as well as the woodcutters, ancient Fuegian settlers, and a delicious 3-step recipe in a Tolhuin's local classic restaurant, the "Heart of the Island". Let's live this beautiful experience together!

What's Included

  • Bilingual guide and transportation in fully equipped 4x4 vehicles
  • Country snack in Lake Yehuin
  • Path of the Ancestral Ruca (2.5km round trip. Low difficulty)
  • Lunch at a theme restaurant in Tolhuin (Heart of the Island)
  • personal accident insurance
  • Free tasting at Bar Krund
  • Free tasting and 10% discount at Smechen Artisan Chocolate Shop

What's not Included

  • All unspecified service


We leave very early in the morning (9:00 a.m.) heading north via National Route No. 3. After 120km of travel (technical stop in Tolhuin for toilet use), we take Provincial Route No. 18, a gravel road to begin our 4x4 adventure.
On the way we will be able to observe centennial Estancias, as well as guanacos and the "Ecotone" landscape typical of the transition zone between the forest and the steppe.
Upon arrival at Lake Yehuin (Selk'nam area of ​​the area known as "Shamans" or healers), we will take the opportunity to walk and enjoy the surroundings while preparing a delicious country snack.
Around 12:30 pm we will start the Path of the Route, immersed in the Heart of the Island Provincial Reserve, through which we will be able to contemplate a forest of lengas hundreds of years old. When you reach the end of the trail, you can enjoy the surroundings and get to know one of the typical houses of the Selk'nam, "La Ruca".
Around 2:30 p.m. we will taste a delicious lunch in the commune of Tolhuin, in a classic restaurant and decorated with the best attention from local people.
Before leaving, we will visit the emblematic La Unión Bakery, where you can not stop trying the local specialties. Upon returning, we will skirt the head of Lake Fagnano throughout its route.
Return to Ushuaia estimated at 5:30 p.m.

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