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Gastronomic Experience with King Crab and Lunch in Puerto Almanza


The Gastronomic Experience in Puerto Almanza will make you an expert cook of local dishes, based on fresh fish from the Beagle Channel and seasonal fruits. Our local chef will teach you how to cook and feel active in the kitchen, while you learn about local varieties such as spider crab, seafood and other typical products of Ushuaia and Puerto Almanza.

This is your opportunity to experience local cuisine and cook your own menu with friends or family.


Arriving at Puerto Almanza, after getting to know the town, we will begin to walk the crab route, a beautiful walk where the forest enters the Beagle Channel, a place where crabs live and thrive.
We will take advantage of the moment to take panoramic photos and get to know the site. Puerto Almanza is a small fishing village located on the east coast of the Beagle Channel, 75 km from the city of Ushuaia. The name of the place comes from a sawmill that operated in the area between the 40s and 50s. 
After traveling the Ruta de la Centolla, we will begin walking towards Cascada del Duende, a walk for all ages that will take us through the forest and accompanied at all times by the stream and the natural environment.
After getting to know the beautiful Cascada del Duende, it will be time to begin our gastronomic, fun and interesting masterclass experience led by the local chef, where you will learn to cook the Fuegian spider crab, with condiments and local native recipes, as well as desserts and appetizers.
After the experience, our lunch will be waiting for us in one of the most picturesque restaurants in Puerto Almanza, next to the Beagle Channel, with the best views in the area. Now yes, you will be able to taste the Fuegian Crab in any of its versions, accompanied by shellfish and fresh fish, obtained in an artisanal way in the canal. Kaitek Viajes has tourist menus in the restaurant, already included in the experience, based on local fishing.

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