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Isla de los Lobos in Yacht with Snack


From: $ 50.000,00


We left the local port with a small group of passengers, touring the bay of Ushuaia and enjoying the mountainous surroundings. We approach the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, icon of our city. We marveled at the sight of the rock cormorants on the rock cliffs. On other islands we found both single and double fur seals. We set sail for the bird island where the royal and imperial cormorants live. We continue to Bridges Island, famous for its Yamana shells and its splendid view of the Chilean and Argentinean coasts. We disembark and walk along an interpretive trail of flora, birds and archaeological remains. During the trip we shared tea, chocolate, coffee with liquor, cookies and, of course, the typical Argentine mate. One of the highlights of the excursion is the visit to the sea lion colony. The "one-hair" ones are available all year round, while the "two-hair" ones can be found from the end of February to the beginning of August. Take advantage of our Benefits and Offers: We accept PreviajePlan Ahora Card in up to 12 Fixed Installments!
Itinerary details
  • Salida desde el Muelle de Catamaranes
  • Isla de los Lobos Marinos de uno y de dos pelos
  • Isla de los Pájaros
  • Faro Les Eclaireurs
  • Caminata por Islas Bridges
  • Snack a Bordo
  • Regreso a Ushuaia (14:00hs)
Duration: Medio día
Time of year: Todo el año
What we include
  • Transporte y Guía de Turismo habla Hispana / Inglés
  • Modalidad de servicio exclusivo
  • Refrigerio (Cafetería a bordo)
  • 04 horas de duración
  • Caminata durante el desembarco a Islas Bridges
  • Financiación especial: Cuota Simple con tu tarjeta de crédito!
What is not included:
  • Todo servicio no especificado en el programa
  • Tasa portuaria (Se abona en el Puerto)
The best financing:
Plan Cuota Simple (Visa, Mastercard y American Express ** de todos los bancos)
  • 03 cuotas con cargo de 25%
  • 06 cuotas con cargo de 40%
** No incluidas Tarjetas American Express no bancarias.

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