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Overflight to Isla de los Estados

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From: ARS$ 1.250.000,00


With Aeroclub Ushuaia you can fly over this iconic island from the comfort of an airplane, enjoying the best views, in an impressive flight of approximately 3 hours and a half. The overflight begins at the Aeroclub Ushuaia, from where it takes off heading east. We fly over the Beagle Channel to the south of Tierra del Fuego Island until we reach the easternmost point of the island: Cape San Diego. From there you cross the Strait of Le Maire (which divides the two islands) and then fly over the southern margin of the Isle of the States from west to east until you reach the emblematic San Juan del Salvamento Lighthouse, or as it was called by Julio Verne: Lighthouse at the End of the World. Once there, we start the return, which can be done through the north of the Mitre Peninsula, to fly over, among other things, the town of Tolhuin (where you can make a stopover to visit the bakery and the city at no additional cost), Lake Fagnano, Lake Escondido and the Tierra Mayor Valley. Take advantage of our Benefits and Offers: We accept PreviajePlan Ahora Card in up to 12 Fixed Installments!

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